Sea of Cortes: West to East

While Peggy recovered from the flu, Steve prepared the boat for our upcoming passage from La Paz to Mazatlan. On the mend from the flu with a well provisioned boat, we bid our farewells to our La Paz friends and cast off to Playa Pichilingue Cove. We spent the night on the hook while enjoying the sunset and settling in early for a full 1 ½ day passage across the Sea of Cortes. The alarm summoned us to get underway at 3 a.m. Once we were on the move into the San Lorenzo Channel, we were greeted with a stunning Valentine’s Day sunrise.sunset

Overall it was an uneventful motor sail across the Sea of Cortes. Shortly after sunrise a pod of dolphins swam alongside Flyer. They lagged behind as we continued east; stopping to fish with a pod of jumping manta rays. Continuing eastbound, two humpback whale flukes made a brief appearance.

MazatlanThe real excitement ensued as we approached the entrance to Mazatlan Marina District. From the outside looking in it appeared to be a normal, routine entrance… until we entered the mouth of the canal. The current was similar to a rapids, mild rapids, but still more excitement than Peggy was prepared for. Steve took the helm while Peggy set lines and fenders while being greeted by departing mariners more familiar with this dicey approach. Our arrival to Marina Mazatlan was greeted by friendly boaters and dock staff.

Our intention was to only stay 4 days. During our visit we attended the daily ‘safety meeting’. In our yacht club circles this is referred to as ‘Green Box’ or simply ‘happy hour’. We dropped the dinghy in the water to explore the area. The surrounding canals and channels offered some spectacular homes, the El Cid Golf Course, a few iguana and some cool birds. We can confidently report a stay at the El Cid resort/timeshare would be luxurious and expensive. We were able to watch a pro fish cleaner and took note on how to properly clean and fillet future catches. During our stay, we met more friendly and intriguing people during our 8 day stay at the Marina; learning all kinds of fascinating things about the region, the surrounding cruising locations and the city of Mazatlan itself.

Our stay at Mazatlan Marina was extended after we rubbed the bottom at the dicey entrance we were introduced to upon our arrival. As a precaution we played it safe, returning to the dock to thoroughly investigate any possible damage to the keel, rudder and overall condition of the boat. Fortunately a thorough inspection revealed no damage or indication of any damage… just a rub on the sandbar. We set out to explore the Mazatlan Mall which didn’t disappoint. It took some convincing, but Steve finally found a few things to freshen his wardrobe. Hey, it’s not a complete makeover, but it’s a start!

We bid our farewells as we departed Mazatlan once again. Our departure out of the harbor again rubbed the bottom of the sandbar. We backed Flyer into th with our new destination of Isla Isabela – claimed to be the ‘Galapagos of Mexico’. Stay tuned for an update.  Esperamos poder compartir nuestras aventuras – We look forward to sharing our adventures

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