La Paz Carnaval 2016 “Las Muses de Alegria” or “The Muses of Joy”

Carnaval came and went in La Paz this year.



trojan-horse-carnavalWe took in the festival and parade. Evidentially, the ‘Muses of Joy’ theme is primarily focused around the sultry outfits of teenage girls and young women. Pegusus-CarnavalEveryone seemed to enjoy the event having a good time. The parade and festivities were held over 3 days, ensuring everyone in La Paz could appreciate the events. Overall, Carnaval La Paz 2016 featured the routine gamut of street festivals and carnivals – hosting the usual carnie rides, games, vendors and street food.beef

madues-2-CarnavalThe Carnaval symbolizes ‘Day of the Dead’ themes. The artistic illustrations embody a celebratory representation that differentiates Carnaval from other festive events.

We played it safe; steering away from street vendor eats, and took in a fantastic sushi joint – Jiro Sushi. Angie, the owner, was extremely hospitable. The food was exceptional and very fresh. An extraordinary sunset delivered fantastic dining entertainment.

There are several sites along the coasts that will be roped or fenced off in an effort to protect the turtle nesting and hatchling sites. We were fortunate to discover one in the midst of the Malecon in downtown La Paz. Hopefully the new hatchlings will all make it to the water and swim off safely to enjoy a fulfilled life at sea.

Now that we’ve taken in some of La Paz’ treasured eateries, sent the laundry out and re-provisioned, we are ready to take up the dock lines and set sail east to Mazatlan.
la aventura continúa con el continente – the adventure continues to the mainland

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  1. Seems like eating sushi in Mexico is an oxymoron. Fresh seafood yes, rice ok yes, but together in a roll…..interesting glad it was food

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